Shadows of the Empire

Episode One

Trouble on Vulpter



It has been almost a year since the tragedy at Alderaan and civil unrest brews in the galaxy. From planet to planet the ranks of the rebellion begin to swell. Such is the case on the droid manufacturing plant of Vulpter. The seeds of rebellion have started to grow on the surface and for unexplained reasons the empire has blockaded the manufacturing planet crushing the populace with famine.

The surface of the planet is a myriad of factories and run down cities. The environment has been ruined by decades of overproduction. The planet has become incapable of food production relying solely on it’s Droid production and mineral output to bring in food via commerce. An Imperial blockade has put a stranglehold on the trade and the citizens strave on the streets. Underneath the surface of the planet exists A tangled web of depleted minds as the planet’s very core is pillaged for valuable minerals. Mining crews are forced to tunnel deeper and deeper into the core with each new tunnel being more dangerous and more expensive.

The population has suffered before, first under the rule of the trade Federation, and now under the might of the Empire. As such the bulk of the population widely views the empire as just another task master in a long line of taskmasters. You’ll be hard-pressed to find much sympathy for the rebellion unless you look in the right places.



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