Boffin Tharn

An uber-geek Bith scientist


Boffin Tharn: Bith Engineer Scientist

Boffin Tharn is the the Bith founder and lead inventor of MBBT Android Industries; the intergalactic class 2 droid super-manufacturer. The entrepreneur has been a staple on HoloNet programming for his critiques of droid manufacturing stalwarts and for his company’s innovative compact droid designs. He and Jawa co-founder, Mnoc Bespin, began their startup company rejecting traditional, larger droid designs for Pistoeka inspired smaller droids which operated on a highly unconventional, unified collective consciousness operating system. The dashing Mnoc and quirky Boffin often challenged established manufacturers to have their traditional single chassis droids outperform the duo’s comparable priced hive droids; a challenge which was never accepted but which nonetheless catapulted then into the galactic limelight of the lucrative android industry. The shrewd Mnoc guided MBBT to a niche market at the top of the competitive industry while increasingly eccentric Boffin retained creative control of company R & D for several decades.

The company continued its work as usual until the tragic death of Bespin. While on a visit of a BMMT component production facility, Mnoc perished along with several billion others as Emperor Palpatine obliterated the planet Alderaan as a mere show of force. Boffin disappeared from the spotlight until six months later he was announced as the keynote speaker at the galactic android industry convention, Droid-i-con. For the second time in a lifetime, Boffin stunned an industry. In his much anticipated holocron delivered keynote, Boffin launched into a scathing attack on the rule of Palpatine and denounced his draconian government. His broadcast provided hacked evidence that exposed political assassinations previously publicized as accidents. He vowed to bring down the Empire and join the Rebel Alliance. Possibly the most public and prominent defection to rebellion, the sheer audacity was only more confounded by Boffin’s own publicly pacifist nature as part of his strict Bith heritage. The Empire immediately seized MBBT and its subsidiaries; a move which proved fruitless. Boffin had already liquidated much of his industry, laundering a vast portion of his company’s credits and materials into the rebellion.

While the rebellion rejoiced at the defection, they to found themselves confounded by Boffin as well. Expecting him to join their top technical research team, he surprised them. While he prompted a battery of like minded MBBT top R & D developers to accept such appointments, he himself refused such an appointment as a condition of his asset transfer. Instead, he insisted he would be allowed to work within a field unit where he could take his own personal fight to Emperor Palpatine’s reign of terror and species oppression.

Now a resident of Vulpter, Boffin fights his own war against the Empire. With a crew of non-humans, they hope to end Palpatine’s reign and bring back the Republic one planet at a time.
For Boffin, the sooner he brings mass-murderer Bevel Lemelisk to justice, the sooner a new era begins.

Boffin Tharn

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