Solia Etia

Leader of the Free Vulpter Movement


Solia is a freedom fighter whose gruff demeanor is a result of her upbringing on Vulpter. She does not trust others easily and spends the bulk of her time disrupting normal activity on Vulpter. Since the Imperial blockade she has been singularly focused on feeding the residents of Vulpter.


Raised by immigrant miners on the planet Vulpter, Solia was brought up in destitue poverty. She watched as her parents slaved their lives away for the mining guild earning just enough credits to cover the mining guilds charge for room and board. Her parents were common to the mining guild workingmen caste. Trading large debt in the promise for quick gains and riches in the cortosis mining operations her parents came to Vulpter seeking a better life. The mining guild built its labor force off such false promises charging enough in fees and food to ensure the debt was never repaid. In addition, miners could borrow against their debt at the local cantina’s and gambling houses which ensured no worker ever escaped their indentured servitude.

As such Solia hates the Empire, the trade federation, and the republic equally for allowing such injustice. Most of all she harbors a resentment for Arakyd Industries.

Solia Etia

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