Killed In Action


When Qr’krk was a hatchling he contracted a rare disease. The cure involved long sessions in a bacta type tank. A friendly trader who delivered medical supplies felt sorry for Qr’krk, seeing him in the med bay a lot and gave some holo vids to the brood mother for him to watch during his sessions. The adventures of Flint Westwood. A gruff lawman who stood for justice in a small backwater town. Qr’krk became enamored with the strange alien on the screen. He loved the show and would often pretend to be Flint going around shooting his pretend guns at varmints and dirtbags.
The disease stunted his growth, including his antenni which made communication hard for him in the beginning. The combination of the disease and Qr’krk’s obsession with Flint Westwood made him the target of a lot of bullying, though he never let it get to him.
Qr’krk learned basic at a young age due to his communication issues and would often sneak visits to traders coming to the spaceport. He took the name Flint when speaking as it was easier for outsiders to understand and made him feel better about himself, eventually shedding his original name altogether.
Flint’s love of adventure never died and when he was a little older he would sneak aboard Verpine trade ships, finally his smaller size gave him an advantage. On one such trip the ship Flint was on got attacked by the empire. Everyone on board was captured and enslaved. Flint’s natural technical aptitude was used by the empire to their advantage and Flint was treated heinously by his empire overseers. Flint survived through sheer tenacity thinking back to Flint Westwood and asking himself what would he do? After several years of servitude he got a chance and escaped on an imperial transport vessel heading to an unknown planet, but anywhere was better than where he was…
Flint was now marooned in an unfamiliar place, with unfamiliar faces with no one but himself to rely on. The following years were harsh on young Flint and he had to make some tough choices to survive. He would sell his talents for credits and did a few unscrupulous things that would make Flint Westwood unhappy, but he had no choice and he knew Mr. Westwood would understand. Now in his early 20’s Flint survives well. He is known as a go to guy for tech/mechanic work finding employment in a legitimate shop. His penchant for not liking the empire and his technical aptitude has drawn the attention of the rebel alliance.
What lies next for Flint? Who knows…only time will tell.

Flint has gone in with the free vulpter underground helping the refugees for the time being.


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