Grrarl’s Story

Grrarl has been a captive in a Empire owned work camp for two years. One night while lying in his cell he heard and explosion followed by a lot of yelling and chaos. Then suddenly the door to his cell swings open. Not giving it a second thought, he bolts from his cell and runs.

Grrarl figured if he could get over to the space port where the freighters land, he might be able to make it to the forest on the other side. If he made it to the forest, who knows after that… at least he wouldn’t have to work for the Empire all day and stuck in that cage all night.

As he ran he noticed it just wasn’t his cell that was open.. it was all of them. There were captives and guards running each way. “If only I can get past the space port”, Grrarl though. As he ran past one freighter he heard a voice, “Hey! Need a ride?” Grrarl looked up to see a tall man wearing a wide brim hat and sunglassed. “Let’s go, I’m leaving this dump now!”, yelled the man. Grrarl quickly sized up the man and felt he could trust him and ran up the boarding ramp.

Grrarl took a seat next to the man and told him his name was Grrarl. The man introduced himself as Jaden Hunter, owner and pilot of the Twilight freighter. When the Twilight made the jump to hyperspace Jaden told Grrarl his story….

“I’ve done all kinds of jobs in the past, whatever it takes to earn some credits. This job here that I just finished was suppose to be one of the easy ones. Pick up cargo at point A, bring to point B, and get paid. Simple right? Well, I arrived at point B with the shipment of parts and they don’t want to pay me! I was so furious that when I left there shipping office, I snuck around to the security office.. tossed a grenade behind it. When the guards came out to investigate.. I ran in to the office and hit the master switch to open all the cells! Ha! That will teach them to screw me over!” When Jaden had finished his story, Grrarl thanked him for his action and stated that he would never be a slave again and would do anything he could to make the Empire pay for what it had done.


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