Tevan Noire

Genetically enhanced Politico


Tevan is just over 2 meters tall with a medium build. He neither looks lanky or muscular. He is very handsome with long white hair and light blue piercing eyes. His skin is a greyish white color, but he does not look ashy.


Tevan Noire is a member of GHOST, though nobody knows this info and he will not reveal it. He set out to acquire assets for his group while in their appointed hiding. He is trying to build his new identity, but got caught by the empire while in the deep core world of Vulpter. He was recently liberated by rebels working with the free vulpter movement, which he was a part of due to unfortunate circumstances.

Tevan is a natural leader and has a very high intelligence. He has an almost uncanny way with people, able to suede them to his side of an argument or deal with an almost unnatural suave. He is able to keep a cool head in almost any situation.

Now working with the rebels to save the planet he has a momentous task ahead of him as he aquatints himself with his new comrades.

Tevan Noire

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